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Some hospitals have programs that will help you pay for nursing school. There are also other options, such as federal aid and the Nurse Corps program, that you may want to consider as well.

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If you’re looking to attend cosmetology school, you can rest assured knowing there are both federal and private financial aid options for you to take advantage of.

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To pay for a Ph.D., exhaust options for free money, including scholarships and grants, first. Your school can help you find them. Then consider federal and private student loans to cover additional costs of your Ph.D. program.

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An increasing number of student borrowers are looking for payment relief by reducing their interest costs through student loan refinancing. The question is, can you refinance your student loans before you graduate? The answer is yes.

  • What to consider when refinancing before graduation
  • Income-driven repayment is an alternative

What to consider when refinancing before graduation

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You can use both federal and private student loans to pay for your education. You should try to get federal student loans first, which you can apply for by completing the FAFSA. Then get private student loans to cover your remaining expenses.

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Just about everyone has heard about student loans. They are constantly mentioned in the news — often with much scrutiny and, more often than not, in a negative light.

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Student loan debt can affect your ability to get a mortgage and buy a home by increasing your debt-to-income ratio and reducing the amount you can save for a down payment. This guide will help you avoid these issues.

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Law school is expensive. To pay for it, explore all your options for grants and scholarships. Once you’ve exhausted free funding, consider federal student loans before taking out private loans to cover additional costs.

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Checking your credit score has become incredibly easy in recent years. There are a number of websites and apps that can offer you a glimpse of your credit health, one of them being CreditWise from Capital One.

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Are you making separate student loan payments each month on student loans? You may want to consider consolidating your student loans. Student loan consolidation and refinancing can help relieve some of the pain caused by multiple interest payments.


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